Surprise Proposal Photography

The way Luke proposed to Taylor was a complete surprise to her as you can see from her reaction below. Luke had his future sister-in-law’s help with the proposal.

They told Taylor that she was needed to help babysit her niece whilst they (her sister and hubby) have a mini couple photoshoot at Cronulla Beach.

So having a photographer (me) on the beach was no surprise to Taylor as she was already expecting that.

The plan was for me to casually ask Taylor and Luke to participate in the photoshoot whilst her niece was being fed.

It worked for a bit as she started to get uncomfortable being photographed and she asked Luke “Why is the photographer taking our photo when she should be taking photos of my sister and her baby?”.

In my mind, oh oh, Luke has got to propose soon or else she’ll get super suspicious. So then I assured her and said “…I have nothing to photograph as your baby niece needs to be fed anyways, so why not have a quick photo of you and Luke together?”. Phew! That helped to buy Luke some additional time.

We (Me, Taylor’s sister and brother-in-law) were getting nervous as we had no idea when it was going to happen. In addition to that, Taylor’s brother-in-law started to record and Taylor was getting a bit suspicious so she walked away.

I can imagine Luke was super nervous as he wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. So when Taylor started to walk away, he quickly tried to pull the ring box out of his trousers.

To add to the drama, the box was stuck in his trousers and he was struggling to get it out! We could not help but smiled widely as that happened. Taylor still had no idea this was happening as Luke was walking behind her.

When he finally got the box out, he called out Taylor’s name and she was just so surprised to see him down on one knee, proposing to her. She just said “Oh My God! Is this happening?!”.

She was hysterical when she knew what was happening as you can see from the photos below. She screamed out of excitement, cried out of happiness and jumped up and down in disbelief!

It was such a precious moment to be captured and her reaction to the proposal was just priceless.

The photos turned out great and they happened to match that day in terms of their outfit. It was not planned at all!

Congratulations to Taylor and Luke on their engagement!

So if you’d like your surprise proposal to be Photographed With Love, get in touch with me now and we can start planning!

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