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You can imagine as a wedding photographer that I was beyond excited when Australia voted overwhelmingly YES to love and same sex marriage. 

In the face of such wonderful news, I know it has been disappointing to many same-sex couples that even though our national definition of marriage is now, ‘Marriage means the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’, some wedding service providers are refusing to deal with the weddings of same sex couples.

So, I wanted to let you know, we photograph ALL love here at Photographed With Love, and I am excited, eager, ready and willing to photograph your wedding, whatever the sex of you and your partner, wherever you are in Australia. Because love is love, and everyone deserves to have a lasting memory of their special day. And I hope that you can relive yours forever through your beautiful pictures that were Photographed With Love.

Whether you like it classy, packed with colour, romantic, or maybe silly, I want to capture your same-sex engagement, wedding, or family photos in a way you’ll love and cherish.

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same sex couple photography

I was honoured to be asked to capture a same-sex couple photoshoot with Alex and Paulo late last year. This beautiful couple wanted to have fun so that was exactly what we did, focusing on enjoying ourselves and being comfortable which allowed them to be free to express their emotions. Here’s a little of their feedback:

We loved multiple aspects of the shoot: the location was perfect and suited our look; Mariam had a great eye for incorporating what was around us as elements in the shoot; and we felt comfortable the whole time. The energy was great, it felt natural being in front of the camera with her. It felt like a friend was photographing us. And despite the humidity on the day, the photos looked great!’

I love the fact I was able to make them feel comfortable, it allows them to be candid and playful as I capture those moments. I love capturing candid moments the most, as they are raw, sincere and capture the essence of a couple.

I hope that you will let me join you, be your same-sex wedding photographer, to capture some candid moments on your special day too.

Congratulations! May this new step in your life be full of happiness.

Click HERE to view the full photoshoot.

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