Candid and Natural Wedding Photography

One of the main questions that I get asked about photography is what is my photography style? This is a very interesting question as the answer varies from one photographer to the other. When it comes to photography, I have always preferred the candid and natural style of photography. It is such a beautiful art form to master and I absolutely love it. Why you may wonder? To me, the candid shots are very precious as they cannot be reproduced and repeated naturally. The moment just happens naturally and there is no interference from me and to me that is the beauty of it. I love capturing moments as they happen and let the magic unfold.

In addition to that, candid photography evokes emotion in the person that is looking at the photos. Have you ever smiled or giggled when you saw an old photo of you doing something silly with your siblings? Have you ever felt the raw emotion when you saw photos of people shedding tears of joy during the wedding ceremony? Have you ever cried reflecting on the heartfelt speech that was delivered by the groom to his bride when looking at the photos? If you answered yes, then this shows the true power of photography as it not only tells a story, but it also evokes emotion in people. It makes you feel as though you were there in the photo and experiencing that moment.

Have a look at some of my favourite candid and natural wedding photography.

The groom’s reaction when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. He was absolutely blown away when he saw her and uttered ‘WOW’. That was just priceless!


When the groom and the bridesmaids went all out on the dance floor and sang out loud to their favourite songs…


Then we have some more emotional ones where the best man gave a very heartfelt speech that made the lovely couple cry and laugh…


… and that moment of pure joy as you walk down the aisle hand in hand as husband and wife…or just having a laugh together…


As you can see, these candid moments are absolutely priceless hence why it plays a very important role in my wedding photography style. My goal is to capture these moments naturally in its most raw and genuine nature so that when you look back to your wedding photos, you are able to relive that exact moment and bring back those memories that you will cherish forever. Rest assured that if you decide to have me as your wedding photographer, you know for sure that your wedding will be Photographed With Love. You focus on getting married, being present and just truly having fun on your wedding day and you let me photograph your special day as it unravels.

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