Taylor & Luke Surprise Proposal


What better way to celebrate Christmas with a joyous engagement celebration! Luke proposed to Taylor on Christmas Eve at a secluded part Cronulla Beach. In order for the surprise proposal to be successful, Luke had to involve Taylor’s sister and asked her for a favour. The plan was to casually have a family photograph of Taylor’s sister and her husband as they just had a newborn. Taylor was requested to join the photoshoot so that she could help out whenever they needed some help with the baby. Little did Taylor know, everyone knew about the surprise proposal that was going to happen moments later. We were all waiting for Luke to signal us that he is ready for it. Luke was very nervous that he struggled to get the ring box out of his pants!! Taylor was facing the other way around so he called out her name and got down to one knee to propose. Her reaction to the proposal was priceless as she was hysterical and in disbelief that this was actually happening to her! Check out the photos below to see her reaction. Congratulations to Taylor and Luke on their engagement!

If you’d like your surprise proposal to be Photographed With Love, get in touch with me now and we can start planning!

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