Kasturi & Damien’s Indian wedding day 2 - wedding reception

The newlyweds had their wedding reception at L’Aqua at Cockle Bay Wharf. They had a beautiful view of Darling Harbour in the background and the guests were really blown away by the light shows at the harbour that night. Family and friends were all present to continue the wedding celebration with the lovely couple. I was told that Kasturi had planned and organised the wedding reception all on her own as Damien is in charge for their wedding celebrations in London later on in the year. Kasturi absolutely loves sweet desserts and I imagine she planned the reception around that theme. The colour pink and sweet desserts were the stars of the night and you will know why when you see the bride. She wore a gorgeous pink/fuchsia traditional Indian outfit for the reception and she looked amazing! To top that, Kasturi had organised for Gelato Messina to be served to guests for desserts! The fun continues as they had a photo booth station where guests were able to get their photos taken and printed on the spot by Mr Incredibooth. The balcony area became a popular spot for guests to strike a pose and get the beautiful Darling Harbour lighting in the background. In addition to that, Damien’s brother organised a game of trivia about the newlyweds. The game generated heaps of laughter as friends and family were shared new information about the couple! Kasturi and Damien were showered with lots of love and it was evident based on the speeches that were given by family. The gorgeous couple looked super happy and I can only imagine their relief when everything goes to plan. To wrap up the night, everyone danced the night away to pop Indian music and even the famous Macarena song!

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