Fazilat & Mikaeel

The gorgeous couple had a lovely Indian wedding at Blues Point Reserve where the guests and the bride and groom got to enjoy the Sydney iconic architectures in the background; the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The setup was just perfect; they kept it simple as the background made up for the amazing atmosphere. Whilst we were waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, we were entertained by the string quartet. Mikaeel made a grand entrance to his wedding as he arrived in a fancy Ferrari escorted by his entourage and Fazilat arrived right after that. Fazilat looked gorgeous as she was dressed in colourful Indian wedding saree paired with lovely gold jewellery. Absolutely love the details on her. The ceremony started and the pageboys sure made an entrance as they escort the groom down the aisle. The cuteness did not end there as the flower girls sure did put on a show as well to welcome the bride. Both Fazilat and Mikaeel were both super delighted once the ceremony was over! Of course, we could not resist but to have a mini photoshoot with the amazing backdrop!


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