AEK & Gareth

From the first moment that I met Aek and Gareth, I knew that we would get along perfectly and I knew that it will be heaps of fun to photograph their wedding. Aek and Gareth make such a lovely couple and they continuously made each other laugh; which is evident in the photos that were photographed on their wedding day. Their wedding day was filled with lots of emotion as they acknowledged and celebrated the fact that Australia has finally made it legal for same sex couples to get married! Close friends and family were all in support of same sex marriage and were ecstatic to celebrate Aek & Gareth’s marriage union. Plenty of tears were seen, many laughters were heard and most importantly, lots of love were felt throughout the night. Their wedding was simply magical and a memorable one. Check out some of the highlights of their wedding.


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View the video montage of their wedding photos below.


Venue: Queens Park
Celebrant: Suzan Fayle Celebrant
Florist: The Golden Dandelion
Suit: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Harpist: Ayumi Tatsuoka